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State Issues Impacting Complex Rehab Technology

The Role of the State in Complex Rehab Technology

Local coverage and funding plays a key role in the availability and provision of Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) products and supporting services. NCART provides a variety of assistance and tools to assist with working with State programs as they relate to Complex Rehab Technology and the people who benefit from those services. 

NCART Provides Strategic Assistance on the State Level

NCART offers strategic advice and assistance on state issues relating to the coverage and funding of complex rehab technology. When a significant issue regarding CRT is identified within a state, NCART's Committee will convene and assist suppliersand manufacturers in reviewing the problem and identifying potential avenues for resolution and related resources.  There are a number of helpful materials on our educational materials page, or you can contact us to access NCART assistance. To see where we've been working recently, check back here for updates.  

Helpful Medicaid Links

The Kaiser Family Foundation maintains an informative website relating to Medicaid programs. In addition, Kaiser maintains a Medicaid Benefits On-Line Database for Medical Equipment and Supplies.